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Headache & Hijab

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In the early days of wearing hijab usually accompanied by dizziness and headaches. Some people didn't used to wear it (wrapping head might make you uncomfortable at first) and some are caused by wearing an underscarf/headbands/ponytail/bun too tight. To prevent by loosen it all is not enough, these are things we've found from Google that you can do if you get a headache.

1.Use aromatherapy.
This is an ancient healing art that has been used to treat and cure stress headaches for ages. Try lavender which is known for a good relaxation.

2. Massage your temples, neck, face, and shoulders.
Then take a lime, cut it in half, and rub it on your forehead. After that take a small towel and dip it into some warm water. Apply to forehead or back of the neck for a few minutes.

3. Honey foot bath.
Keep legs in a tub or bucket filled with hot water, pour ½ cup pure honey, soak for fifteen minutes.

Apples are valuable in curing all types of headaches. It should be taken with a little salt every morning on an empty stomach.

5. Try to take your mind of the pain by reading a magazine or book.
Sometimes when your mind is engaged in something you don't notice pain as much.

6. Dim the lights and quiet the room.
Bright lights and loud noise can often make a headache worse.

7. Try 2 wet peppermint tea bags on the eyelids.
Hold peppermint oil on a tissue to your nose and breathe in the scent.

8. Drink ginger tea 2 or 3 times a day.
It has been used since about 2000 BC to cure headache.

We hope these tips will help you :)

Hijab & Hair Loss

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1. Keep your head cold.
I wear nothing under my scarf so it keeps my head cooler than when I use underscarf. But if you do feel more comfortable wearing one makes sure that you don’t wear it too tight.

2. Let them breath.
I have a habit to let my hair free during my lunch time. Just to open my headscarf, brush my hair before I pray. If you are working during day you can always go to the bathroom and have them breath

3. Keep your ponytail loose.
Some of you may have long hair so you have to braid your hair, bun your hair or make a ponytail. Make sure that we use a nice fabric. Rubber or metal fabrics will likely pull your hair out. Cotton knit will be better.

4. Give them some times to dry.
Do not braid or ponytail your hair while it’s still wet. Have some time to let your hair dry. You can use a hair dryer but blow your hair with a gentle blowing one instead the hot one. After you wash it, give your hair some time to breath. Brush your hair with widely spaced comb.

5. Leave them alone.
If you dye or chemically process your hair, or regularly use a curling or straigtening iron or hot curlers, you should stop for the time being. If you don't want to air dry your hair (which would be best), then use a diffuser on your dryer. If you regularly use styling products, you should use a gentle clarifying shampoo every two weeks, which will help remove residue from your hair and scalp. There are also volumizing and maximizing shampoos and conditioners on the market that will help thicken your hair.

6. Switch your hijab style.
If it’s possible, you can change your style that can make your hair loose. For one day let them free without any braids. If it’s not possible, you can clip your hair up instead braids/ponytail your hair.

7. Treat you hair well.
With or without your hair covered, you are obliged to take good care of them. Go to the salon or spa regularly. Let them take good care of your hair. Cream, vitamin and some soft massage will help your hair grow better.

Are you sure your hijab is causing hair loss or is it just an excuse from being lazy of handling your hair care since you cover all your hair while you go. Take good care your hair whether you show it or not. Beside that your husband deserves the best performance of your hair right?

Some says hijab is a great protection for your hair as it never gets exposed to outside elements such as the sun, wind, air, rain, smog and other forms of pollution. In addition, women who wear hijab are much less likely to use excessive amounts of hairspray or to curl their hair regularly, both of which damage the hair and may cause it to break and fall out.

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