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~~The 10 Saddest Cities in AMeriCa~~

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1. Las Vegas, Nevada

We weren’t surprised to discover more sad people than happy folks in Vegas—you’ll find the same around
every craps table. What did surprise us: The six-highest unemployment rate among the 100 cities on our list,
and the third-highest suicide rate. The use of antidepressants is quite low in Vegas; maybe they should start
handing them out on the strip.

2. Reno, Nevada
Here’s confirmation of something you’ve probably long suspected: Reno is a depressing place to live.
This city of 220,000 has the highest suicide rate of any city on our list, along with the eighth-highest
unemployment rate. Interestingly, residents aren’t reporting high levels of sadness—Reno finished in the
top fifth in that category—which makes us question whether they’re being honest with themselves.
Seems like The Biggest Little City in the World needs some big-time therapy.

3. Miami, Florida
There are three Florida cities in our top 10 saddest list, which makes us wonder: Is Florida just an awful place
to live? Or do sad people flock there seeking warmth, sun, and a mood boost? (Maybe it’s just the humidity.)
We’re still not sure. We do know that Miami has the fifth-worst unemployment rate among our 100 cities,
and the third-highest use of antidepressants. The latter stat has a silver lining: At least residents are seeking help.

4. Birmingham, Alabama
Who wouldn’t be happy living in Birmingham, the cultural beacon of the Southeast? Most of its residents,
it seems. The number of people feeling the blues all or most of the time is eighth-highest among our 100 cities.
Why? The crime rate here is the tenth-highest in the nation, and the murder rate seventh-highest.

5. St. Louis, Missouri
You would have thought a World Series win would have put more smiles on the faces of St. Louis residents.
Yet, they rank near the top ten, among our 100 cities, in terms have feeling down most or all of the time.
And they’re tied for third for most antidepressant use. Maybe the Gateway to the West should lead people
through a comedy club first.

6. Louisville, Kentucky
Buck up, Louisvillians! This city has a lot going for it—diverse employers, low crime rate, interesting geography,
tons of culture—and yet the residents are feeling . . . blah. Maybe they just need to get out more. Earlier this year,
we named Louisville the 20th least-active large city in America. Studies show that just 30 minutes of exercise,
three days a week, can ease symptoms of depression.

7. Tampa, Florida
Tampa’s the Rodney Dangerfield of cities: It gets no respect. And residents are clearly feeling it. It ranks
poorly in terms of the number people feeling down all or most of the time, and its suicide rate is 13th highest
among our major cities. Also, unemployment is nearly 11 percent, way above the national average. At least
the Bucs are having a good year! Okay, they’re not. Just trying to cheer you up, Tampa.

8. Memphis, Tennessee
Unemployment (at over 10 percent) and crime continue to wipe the smiles from the faces of Memphis residents.
Only six of the 100 cities we studied have more people reporting feeling sad most or all of the time. Of course,
if 600,000 people dressed like Elvis descended upon our city every year, we wouldn’t be smiling either.

9. Detroit, Michigan
The Motor City has been through so much over the past few years, and—like the companies that give it its
nickname—seems to be finally turning things around. Problem is, unemployment is still awful. The housing
industry is still awful. And the crime rate is still, well, awful. That’s surely why more residents here (per capita)
report feeling sad most or all the time than in any other city in the nation. And that makes us sad. Come on,
Detroit! We’re pulling for you.

10. St. Petersburg, Florida
This is Tampa’s sister city—the moody, morose teenage sister who runs up to her room after school and slams
the door on the outside world. What makes St. Pete the downest town in America? The numbers tell the sad story:
13th worst unemployment rate, 8th worst suicide rate, 19th worst antidepressant-use rate. Next time you’re in
St. Pete, you might want to tell someone—anyone—a joke. Just don’t be surprised if they start to cry instead.


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